Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Login

Download Quick Pani app from Play Store and Install it.
For the first time using the system:
  1. SPLASH screen will get displayed
  2. Terms & Conditions checkbox has to be checked by the user in order to login
  3. Enter mobile number for registration
  4. You will get OTP and provide that OTP to login system
  5. After successful OTP verification it will ask you to enter your name.
  6. It will take you to MINI PROFILE screen to enter details
  7. Then it will take you to the Home page.
Any mobile number you can register. Once register you have to use same for access.
Only one mobile number per customer.
Customer has to provide while registering is that: Name, Mobile number and address
a) Already registered to the system:
  1. Terms & Conditions checkbox has to be checked by the user in order to login
  2. Enter registered mobile number
  3. You will get OTP and provide that OTP to login system
  4. After successful OTP verification it will take you to the Home page.
b) Already logged into the system, then it will take you to the Home page.
No, you have to login with registered mobile number only


Place order for drinking water cans or water tanker by Tapping on a product on Home page will open up a NEW ORDER dialog:
  1. Choose your preferred brand for water cans or water tanker
  2. Place order with flex payment options
  3. Water delivered at your door step based on your preferred timings!
On successful creation of order, you will get notification/messages with details of order.
Different types of orders:
  1. Immediate 🡪 when you need immediate delivery of water cans or water tankers
  2. Scheduled 🡪 You can decide what time you need delivery of water cans or water tankers
  3. Recurring 🡪 You can place order for future dates in the current month along with timings
In Orders page, all the current orders will be in CURRENT tab based on FIFO and history will be in PREVIOUS tab.
Yes, it is possible. You can provide any location (address) other than address given at the time of registration. Steps:
  1. “Tap to locate on map” section will open up LOCATE ON MAP screen where the user can select the delivery location.
  2. Users will be able to edit it by tapping on the same “Tap to locate on map” section
  3. It's a mandatory field
For scheduled order has to be on same day and you can specify whichever time you need and order will get deliver based on supplier order acceptance.
No. You need to place order using recurring order option for tomorrow delivery
It is possible. Tapping on a selected product on Home page, you need to choose Recurring options for multiple orders and select date and time for which you need delivery.
User will be able to select a maximum of 30 days starting from the next day.
When you place recurring order, price will be calculated based on number of days * price of the product.
No, it is just approximate price. Approximate Price displayed in the title will be updated based on the number of dates selected by the user. The actual price will get displayed when you place order after calculating the GST.
Yes, as long as customer not pressed Place Order they can modify.
Yes, when you place Recurring order, multiple order will get created and each day will have separate order with same order id.
  1. total price will be calculated
  2. multiple order will be created for same order number
  3. each day will have separate order with same order number
Money will be collected for entire order (complete recurring orders)
Yes, it is possible to cancel any day order as long as supplier not yet prepared for dispatching.
Yes, you can order N numbers of water can at a time.
Yes, you will get notification once order placed. User will receive Order Confirmation Notification once a supplier has accepted the order.
You will get confirmation within few minutes at max you need to wait 30min.
Three scenarios where your order not be fulfilled after order placed:
  1. There is no supplier at all
  2. When all the supplier reject your order
  3. There is no supplier in your area who can fulfill your order by 30min
In both the case, you will get notification/message that your order not be fulfilled.
On successful delivery of order, message/notification will send to customer
Order status:
  1. Payment Pending
  2. Preparing to Dispatch
  3. In Transit
  4. Canceled
  5. Delivered
Yes, you can make call (which is mentioned in order details page) to supplier to check the status

Cancel and Refund

Go to order details page and click on right corner link to cancel order
Yes, as long as the order not yet prepared for dispatching i.e. In Transit status till then you can cancel the order.
Once you cancel the order, you will notified and communicated to the bank as well. It will take 7days time to refund to your account.


Quick Pani system providing service by integrating supplier and customer. We are not responsible for quality of product.


After order placed then system will assign Supplier who will fulfill your order. Once you get confirmation from Supplier that order is accepted then you need to make payment (i.e. it will take you to the Pay TM payment page)
Once system assign supplier to fulfill your order, you need to make payment within 1hr to continue the further process
If you have not done payment by 1hr then you will get message/notification that your order Rejected due to non-payment.
You can pay:
  1. Debit
  2. Credit
  3. Pay TM
  4. UPI
Yes, there will be GST and it will be included as part of the final amount
You can raise issue using support page from your order details page or from menu click on Support and Feedback link


Once supplier deliver your requested product, then you need to tell Delivery OTP number (which is there in your order details) to the supplier to complete the order. Make sure that your product and quality of product is satisfactory before telling the Delivery OTP number to supplier.
  1. User can rate only supplier service by tapping on the Rate icon.
  2. Rating can only be given after the delivery of the order.
  3. Once the rating has been given, it cannot be edited by the user.
  4. User can’t rate product.


User can raise an issue specific to the order by tapping on Support icon from order details page: To check details:
  1. To see Support details interaction, click on Support section
  2. A list of issues raised by the user will be displayed with the most recently replied issue on the top
  3. You will get notification when they respond to your issue.
Two ways:
  1. Go to menu, click on Invite option to share via WhatsApp
  2. Or From any page right coroner link to share
Go to menu and click on your profile name to edit the details or click on Edit Profile
Yes, you can upload with max photo size of 2GB
Yes, to know more on that go to Menu link to see respective links.
Yes we supply to individual homes, offices & shops. It can be a immediate order, scheduled order or recurring orders. We swap your empty Cans with filled Cans or we transfer water to your container.
Yes, we do supply in bulk orders for marriages, parties, events, corporate in 20 litre Can only. You can also place a request on and one of our executives will get in touch to provide details.
This service is currently launched in selected localities across Bangalore, India. You can download Android mobile app and register with your mobile number and address so that you can check our service availability in your area.
User can receive the following types of Notifications
  1. Order Confirmation :
    1. These notifications are received when a supplier accepts an order placed by the customer.
    2. Tapping on these Notifications will initiate PayTM payment flow if the current time has not exceeded the scheduled delivery time.
  2. Order Status Update :
    1. These notifications are received when a supplier updates the status of order to transit or delivered.
    2. Tapping on these Notifications will open ORDER DETAILS screen